1. Temperature check for every visitor
  2. All visitors will have to check in and check out via SafeEntry
  3. Removal of water dispenser
  4. Disinfecting of common area every 3 hours interval
  5. Disinfecting of room after every session
  6. Disposable microphone covers for all handheld microphones and replaced after every event
  7. Social distancing of at least 1m apart is to be observed at all times
  8. Mask to be worn during training
  9. Safety management officer to oversee and enforce all guidelines
  10. We have an evacuation plan in place for anyone who is feeling unwell

RNN Conference Centre is located at 137 Cecil Street, HengDa Building #04-01. 

Our Conference Centre operating hours are according to clients booking schedule, we operate 7 days a week even during public holidays!

Every venue has their unique selling point, we don’t only “rent seminar rooms” we provide a wide range of service from (catering F&B to arranging for accommodation and Flights) Clients can focus on other aspect and leave these to us!

In RNN we aim to strive 100% customer’s satisfaction we are specifically particular on our AV Equipment and WIFI to ensure all clients enjoy a positive experience in our venue while conducting their workshop/training/seminar.


We provide clients 30 minutes before and after their event for set up and packing purpose. Should you require extended set up or pack up duration do not hesitate to contact us we will try our best to accommodate your request. We will encourage organizers to come in earlier so we can orientate them on our facilities

However, during peak periods we do experience bookings back-to-back. Under such circumstances, we will seek every parties cooperation to make sure the earlier event finishes on time and we can do area cleaning plus rearrange the furniture for the following event. We will definitely ensure that all clients will be treated fairly and entitled to the 30 mins before and after policy.


You may block out a seminar room based on your estimation, should there be any difference in the number of participants nearer to the date, we can make changes based on the availability or simply add more chairs to the booked seminar room.

We allow you to hold on to your tentative reservation until the next enquiry for the similar room and timing.

Should that happen, you will be given one day to confirm the reservation before the other client gets the priority.

Bookings are considered confirm when a endorsed version of quotation is sent back to us(RNN) along with the deposit amount based on the quotation.

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